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A prayer goes out to my daughter and her friends..reliving your good friends suicide this summer is antagonizing I know..we can't know "why?" or what a person is going through to take their life at such a young age..but do know, it is a trick of the devil to make you think things will never get better..if you only knew what God had in store for you a month or year from now, you would never take your own life. Keep her in your prayers, thoughts and hearts and that will keep her memory alive.

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AidpageTeam   in reply to bookworm2011
We'll try to figure out what might be happening... and fix the problem.

Thank you for writing.
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When I try to respond to a post someone sent me, I can't, it will not post. I have to click on their name then respond and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to be able to respond directly from what they sent me?
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what is this sight for? how do i use it?
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I really dont understand how 2 use this sight
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Scott1234567890
This is public information taken from your IRS reports. Please, feel free to post the correct information as a comment under the post.
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Can you please remove this http://nourishing-soup-ki...

The information is inaccurate and we do not want it up on this site.
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it just me post an hi on Mr O site
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Hi I'm reaching out because my friend, Walter is loosing his home. his wife left him with two children and fled with her lover to another state. and now this poor man is left with no job. He started a self owned business at home selling movies and games but its not holding up. this man has no family only a friend(myself) to reach out for help.I will not mention his last name for privacy purposes, he is a very prideful man and does not know I'm doing this. for the sake of his 7 and 12 year old daughters, i ask for any thing you can donate, all we need is for him to make the rent for this month so a dollar might make a difference. I helped him with as much as i could but unfortunately its not enough. please if you can and would like to donate, log in to your PayPal Account and donate to eddiloves69 <no Space

thanks for your time.
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I need help with my power bill . I have had surjery and have two daughters. Plz
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Inspiration
Hi Inspiration,

Thank you for alerting us.
We have checked and fixed this problem.
Please, try to post again... it should be working fine.

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Hello, can someone from your team please contact me. I have a few questions about some spam posts on your site. Thanks :D
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I'm having trouble sending both public and one-to-one messages to All one-to-one messages bounce back to me as if I'm sending them to myself. All public messages to him just sit there when I click on the post button.
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Hi, I'm new to your site and I have a question. I am unemployed, and looking for work now. My roommate is a Dis.Vet. His check for Aug. was shorted over $1000 with no explanation, and we haven't been able to reach a rep to try and fix the problem and find out wy this here's my question, do you know of a way I can get QUICK emergency assistance with rent?? We have went to local places but noone has the funds to help with an amount like that. We have about 9 more days to get atleast half our rent paid or we get evicted, and neither of us have anyone to bunk with while we fet this problem resolved.

Thank You,
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how to get free money sponsers for my education
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New to Aidpage but sure like the resource to learn of the visoion and work and your iynf. so sent is of great value to our vision/work. Will do more research tomarrow.. Take the name from that of our pubic domain strategy... Beyond Youth and Parent Power that of like AARP "Senior Power". But one California Grey Bears.....
Look fwd to learning more from those who see value in laying new track for the large youth issue and learn more about stratgies that work with our aim that of a 90% high school grad rate and solving the higher education institution drop out rate. That aim but two or four year degree. "Life Plan" is but one resource to which like Aidpage now lives in those volunteer action steps to so establish through youth voice and empowerment.
In place Facebook: King Chavez Legacy Team and Linkedin
Would welcome any who see local "Home Town Associations" as the cornerstone and have a Rotary local club in their town. Our proposed brand: Peso's In The Pocket!
Senior moments and major health issue. To possibilites to learn more from you and find common ground in 2013 with that Youth Service America "Semester of Service" Jan 21st leading to International Day of Service.
"In the future all youth will come together to make this a better world" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.... and together with other Non Violence legacies like Cesar E. Chavez create a aim to make a world work for all.... "If you want to remember me, organize." CC
As you will learn ongoing Senior Moments and perhaps talk and in the future may also post to much. So today at 1AM from my hospital bed so invite you to the conversation.
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Angry Sister
Please remove the following link from your site:http://sisters-in-the-spi...
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MOMS Club of Beaumont
There is an old aidpage regarding our non-profit moms club - MOMS Club of Beaumont. The contact information is incorrect. How can I update it?
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My name is Marie. My husband Bob has been a truck driver for 25 years. We have two wonderful daughters. In recent months we have had a difficult time making ends meet. My husband has always been able to keep us afloat however, he has had two break downs recently and this last one has wiped us out. He is stuck in Florida, and we are out of Minnesota. I don't know what we are going to do to get this truck fixed and get him back home at the very least, but preferably back on the road to earning a living. I am in school full time. I will be done in November and then will be able to go to work. I'm so worried- my husbands losing that spark in his eye that he once had. The bills are swallowing us up. we can hardly speak without crying frightened with the possibility of my hard working husband not being able to support his family like he once did. We are in desperate need of help and are reaching out to this online community. PLEASE help if you can. There is nowhere else to turn.......
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AidpageTeam   in reply to manson
You cannot log in with the nickname "embraer" because there is no account with a nickname "embraer". For some reason, it was not created.

Just continue using the account you successfully created with the nickname "manson".

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