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 in response to canalzone...   have you thought about teaching from home? you can teach the languages you speak or look for a job that allows you to work for home...true some are scams but some are att the phone company...avon....candle companies...theres a lot out there....well thats just my two cents..i hope you find something
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Grandma Tammy
how do I get to people who posted to me
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 in response to canalzone...   

Hi canalzone,

Please, check the following pages on how Aidpage works.
All of our time and resources are tied up running and keeping it safe.
For helpful info, please check the pages of our most active members.
Regarding the rude people you encountered - just ignore them.
We'd take action against anyone, (including removal from Aidpage) who violates our Code of Conduct, Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. 

Good luck!


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Hi Aidpage team:
I recently logged on due to the fact that after 12 years of employment I lost my job. My husband is a hard worker and never misses a day of work. Unfortunately, it's just not enough. I cleared $700 per week and have exhausted my unemployment so now we depend solely on his income. We are used to living decently and understand we had to cut corners but we literally don't have enough left over for food, gas etc. My daughter will be 16 in two weeks. For years we have discussed her sweet 16 party and now, we can't. All she wanted was a $200.00 sleigh bed I found on sale. That's out of the question now and I have not told her. I feel like a failure. I live in a small rural town with very few jobs. I have two college degrees and Speak Spanish fluently. The other problem is that after being laid off, our car was repossesed. No we have one car but it is at a shop needing a radiator core support for the small fee of $300.00. With no car, I can't get a job. I feel helpless and depressed. I received a few comments from others on aid page but they were not nice. They said why do I have an internet if I can't feed my kids. Well, I have to have the internet to look for work. I'm just so sad. I feel useless. Again, I have 2 college degrees and speak two languages. I should not have to go through this. Pray for us. If we could somehow come up with $300.00 to fix my car and some food to feed my kids, I could get back on my feet. I know it. I am a hard, dependable worker. I've only had four jobs my entire life because I put everything I have into them. If you know of anything or anyone that could help us, please let me know. If not, just thank you for listening and not degrading me like the others. God Bless you! Tracy
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Hello Aidpage team, Thank you for this kind of service you provided.We came to struck Aidpage when we are looking for a financial help.I've posted my problem in the name of Divyaraj n Aidpage.Can your team guide me to get any help.I'm struggling a lot to grt rid of my debts.Please help me
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We need assistance with home repairs. My husband and I are both senior citizens and both veterans. He has a bad heart and cannot do any of the work. Our roof is damaged and the insurance company sent the check to the repairman and he ran off with the money and we did not get our roof replaced. Our a/c went out and we need a new one. Our front porch is rotting and needs repaired because it is becoming dangerous. Our back yard has a section that has a lot of trees and the weeds and schrubs have grown up until we can't afford to hire anyone to clean it. When I tried to go to the site you suggested it did not work. Do you have any suggestions. We are desperate.
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 in response to barbie49701...   barbie49701,

You are welcome.

Thank you very much for the good words.
We are trying our best.


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I just wanted to thank you for this page, I have not been a member very long, yet I find great joy being able to voice my opinion, I am unable to help others at this time, for my own needs, the list goes on and on. All I can do is pray for this site, and pray fort the needs of others and my own needs, yet even in my own struggles my heart reaches out to others, and I try to encourage them and myself at the same time. God bless the admistraters of this site, in Jesus name I pray, Than you so much for all you do through this site, Amen.
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Fintressa4 ,hello I really need gel with my gas bill It's750.00 pleas someone can help me with it God bless you Im diabectic my son is disable as well i tried all over to churches and other places no help its really bad I would appreciate if anybody knows of any places thank you.
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I'm Raja from India,working as a coolie in a small shop.I've been married two years ago without the acceptance of my parents because of some religious disputes.So we don't have any helping hand.I've borrowed some money for my wife's educational purpose and for setting up a family.
At that time we got a mail that we have won some amount.We felt with that we can clear our debts.But thay cheated us lefting us witheven more debts and problems.
Now I'm not getting enough salary.I'm paying Rs.5000INR per month as interest for my debts.Now along with me my wife is also suffering with these problems.We are facing a lot of problem for food and even for paying rent to my house.
To clear all these,I need Rs.300,000INR.If anyone can help me financially,I'll surely return it in some monthly installments.
Please help us,We don't have any other way to clear this.May be god had shown us this way.Please help us...
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 in response to wordsofthewise4...   Please, use Aidpage Password Recovery on order to gain access to your old account.
The password can be requested only by you using your original email.
The Aidpage Password Recovery is currently working fine.


Aidpage Team
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Dear Aid Team: I am having trouble accessing my messages. My nickname is wordsofthewise4. Please help. I used the passwords you sent to my email previously and I still can't log in to access my messages. Please check on it for me or send another password.
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hello. my name is mariana. i am from moldova. a country where people can not enjoy their life. here for living we need 500-600$ but the salary is 100--200$. for 300$ thei ask 3 years of experience. but how this if yangs only graduate the university. i graduated university, but work as seller at market... i have a son of 4, a dept to the bank and even can not pay my bills. what to do? gelp me please. any help will be ok. maybe somebody knows a work from home.i am disapointed in life.... what to do??/ help me please
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I just spent twenty minutes trying find where I delete my post, please advise.
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Thank you aidpage team and those who cared enough to answer my post with replies of help and prayer. I found a job and you all have helped me. As there are others who now need their posts read and prayers answered, will you please cancel my subscription, as I would not want people replying to my original post, thinking I still needed the help, when I no longer do. Thank you so much and may God be as gracious with all of you as he has been with me. Thanks. Pat O'Donnell
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Hi i was concerned about the other "hand & hand foundation" on aidpage "scott braithwith" I think was the name, I don't know who he is, and he does not represent,work for, or is employed by our non-profit. I am the CEO of Hand & hand Foundation located in Elk Grove,Ca. & Las Vegas, NV. if this is another "hand & hand foundation" located in elk grove, i never heard of them. Our main program is called "Cans4kids" and it is a FREE recycling program. Not wanting to be confused with any other charity, or a scammer posing as us! BTW you need to increase the email address section i could not put in all the letters my email is :
We are a 501(C)(3) charity.
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Why won't my profile picture load? I've tried it *6* times!!
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hi reecee 1 here thank you for allowing me to post on here but please delete or let me know how to delete my account todaay thank you again
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Hello My name is Brian. On january 2 2012 we had a fire in the house my family was renting an apt. in. We lost everything and are now homeless. My wife is presently 4 months pregnant and i have a 2 daughters and a son 16- 13(son) and youngest is 8. We live in wesctchester ny and are looking for some finacial help. We lived in Ossining, n.y. any and all donations no matter how big or small would be such a blessing. Please help my family we are in a friends for now but cant stay much longer. Thank you for your help in advance and God bless you and your families.
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pop-pop help
I'm a 56 year old grandparent in the state of Maryland who after 28 years of state service retired, I now a'm attemting to raise my 2 year old dauther but since my retirment have found it hard to make ends meet i have had to file for bankrupcy and now have no creit to pay for anything , I have no heat my roofing leaks my home needs pluming and my joe pays very little and noone will help me please help me in getting someone to help us get back on my feet
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