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Hi i was concerned about the other "hand & hand foundation" on aidpage "scott braithwith" I think was the name, I don't know who he is, and he does not represent,work for, or is employed by our non-profit. I am the CEO of Hand & hand Foundation located in Elk Grove,Ca. & Las Vegas, NV. if this is another "hand & hand foundation" located in elk grove, i never heard of them. Our main program is called "Cans4kids" and it is a FREE recycling program. Not wanting to be confused with any other charity, or a scammer posing as us! BTW you need to increase the email address section i could not put in all the letters my email is :
We are a 501(C)(3) charity.
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Why won't my profile picture load? I've tried it *6* times!!
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hi reecee 1 here thank you for allowing me to post on here but please delete or let me know how to delete my account todaay thank you again
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Hello My name is Brian. On january 2 2012 we had a fire in the house my family was renting an apt. in. We lost everything and are now homeless. My wife is presently 4 months pregnant and i have a 2 daughters and a son 16- 13(son) and youngest is 8. We live in wesctchester ny and are looking for some finacial help. We lived in Ossining, n.y. any and all donations no matter how big or small would be such a blessing. Please help my family we are in a friends for now but cant stay much longer. Thank you for your help in advance and God bless you and your families.
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pop-pop help
I'm a 56 year old grandparent in the state of Maryland who after 28 years of state service retired, I now a'm attemting to raise my 2 year old dauther but since my retirment have found it hard to make ends meet i have had to file for bankrupcy and now have no creit to pay for anything , I have no heat my roofing leaks my home needs pluming and my joe pays very little and noone will help me please help me in getting someone to help us get back on my feet
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 in response to Inspiration...   Hi Inspiration,

In hoffa's case, there is no indication of threats through messages here on Aidpage or through email (which happened in your case). The only concern we see in hoffa's case is the other person asking for pictures.

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 in response to hoffa...   Hi hoffa,

Someone asking for a picture of you is a bit unusual... and might be a sign that you have to be extra careful. The easiest thing to do is to just stop communicating with that person.

However - if nothing else happened... and that person did not write anything threatening to you - there is no basis for any action.


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 in response to hoffa...   

I am very sorry to hear about what's happened to you.  I had a frightening situation happen to me about a year ago after I offered my help to an individual on Aidpage  Apparently, she was an Internet scammer and was caught red-handed by several individuals who were trying to warn me about her.  As a result, the Aidpage Team removed her from the site and I had absolutely no idea what had happened.  Believing that I did this to her, she retaliated by threats directed toward me, so I immediately filed a police report.  I now know her name and address so that she won’t target me again.  Little does she know, she robbed herself of receiving some real help, because I have helped dozens of individuals on this site receive real help.

Therefore, I understand and realize that this is frightening for you, and I'm angered that this man is targeting your son after promising to send him Christmas gifts.  Please file a police report on this person immediately.  In the meantime, I would like to make up for what this jerk has promised you by getting some gifts to your son.  Please read my homepage to determine whether or not you feel comfortable with allowing me to help you.  Even though I've sent many packages to the homes of families, there have been some occasions where I've placed online orders for store pick-up so that the person(s) that I was helping could go pick up the items directly from the store with no direct contact from me.  In either case, I provided my full name and address on the orders and/or packages for tracking purposes.  My help is sincere and honest, because I am the mother of 2 boys and I love to help others.

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So I contacted some aidepage team and I am not sure how they handled my problem but I am waiting. If you read my wall you will see....but very briefly ill explain.. I followed all rules and I didnt posted any information on my walll but this guy made promises to send ny son a gift for xmas which I never recieved and im NOT mad at that because I understand things come up but during this time he asked for a picture of not only my info he has but. A pic and I am gettin kinda spooked!!! I am not hete trying to make it hard for anybody else because I came on here for help also, but I think something needs to be done and fast...he might be a molester or a stalker.. I can see if he was on here really gelping out but I have recieved nothing so he needs to stop messaging people and doing this..even though my son is to young to understand xmas... His mother does and he lied and I feel completly "scammmed! So pkease contacted me so this want have to go further.
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worried and scared grandma
hi i need help,honestly i have nothing under the tre for my having surgery on 1-3 12 and im really sad because every child deserves something and these babies are all so innocent if you can help in any way pleae email me at or call at 619-292-3053 even if you cant help me GOD bless you and your family my name is laurie... see full post i thank GODfor each and evey single one of GODS creation thank you if anyone can help please email at
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sad one
I'm not sure how to get any help on this web page
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 in response to aodtwo...   


Before continuing to post on Aidpage, please, read Aidpage TOS and Privacy Policy.

If you continue to spam Aidpage and its members, you will be removed and banned from the site again.


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1. This veteran has served in the Canadian Forces (CF) on 3 separate ‘tours of duty’ with the last tour, as a training Combat Systems Engineer in the Canadian Navy, providing the rationale for my spinal cord injuries and ensuing disability pension claims. These claims remain ignored by Veterans Affairs (VA) and several other government departments.

2. In my last tour of duty at Esquimalt, B.C., I was billeted to HMCS Qu’Appelle where I injured my spinal cord at three levels, subsequent to a fall in the showers onboard that same warship. Upon release from the Canadian Navy in 1993, I was assessed by a qualified medical general practitioner (GP named Dr. R.A. Killeen), in Lower Sackville, NS, who immediately identified a C5/C6 radiculopathy (occurring from one of the spinal cord injuries) which had resulted from the accidental fall onboard the HMCS Qu’Appelle.  This same GP referred me for assessment initially to a diagnostic service in Halifax (i.e., spinal cord MRI), an orthopaedic surgeon, a neurosurgeon, and an internal medicine specialist.  All of these graduates and post-graduates in medicine agreed that my three levels of spinal cord injuries (i.e., C5/C6; T11/T12 & L2/L3) most likely were the result of my previously described accidental fall when serving and training onboard the HMCS Qu’Appelle.

3. Beginning in March 1996 (initially attempted in 1994 but delayed due to unfounded and / or unsupported excuses on the part of the respondent or VRAB) and continuing to this year (2011), I applied for a disability pension with the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB; note: initially this pension was applied for in 1994, but delayed due to typical precursory and unfounded ‘excuses’ on the part of the VRAB). The VRAB ruled on (allegedly) ten separate occasions over the next 15 years against my application for a disability pension.  I was accordingly forced to bring the VRAB into the Trial Division of the Federal Court (Fed. Ct.) on six separate occasions (Fed. Ct. case # T-157-98, T-2137-99; T-67-03; T-401-05 & T-617-09). 

4. I submitted several letters/reports/etc. by graduates and post-graduates (in associated fields of internal medicine, neurology and orthopaedic surgery) in support of my claims in all of these cases which were brought before the Fed. Ct. Note that none of these submissions by professional graduates of medicine were contradicted by testimonies from similar medical professionals on the part of the VRAB. 

5. The Hon. Mr. Justice Phelan (Fed. Ct. case #T-617-09) decided: “THIS COURT’S JUDGMENT is that the application for judicial review is granted and the Appeal Board’s decision is quashed.”  Unfortunately, such a ruling did nothing more than refer the same matter back to the Respondent (e.g., Veterans’ Affairs), thus prolonging the history of this veteran’s claims and thereby moving these same claims from the ridiculous to the sublime, as far as the actual service of justice to this veteran is concerned.

6. The Bureau of Pensioners’ Advocates presented this veteran’s case to the VRAB on July 6, 2011 and the VRAB provided a decision applicable to this same latest presentation of my case dated July 5, 2011 (i.e., one day prior to the actual presentation of this veteran’s claims to the VRAB).  Such pre-emptive decisions and complete lack of fair and due process, has been the ‘ear mark’ of the VRAB’s alleged handling of this veteran’s claims over the past 17 years .... not to mention the similar manner in which this same Fed. govt dept. has ignored it’s legislated obligations to other veterans, their spouses and dependants.

7. While successive Canadian governments have done nothing towards assisting this veteran towards obtaining the necessary medical attention required to address his spinal cord injuries (at a current cost of $48,000.00 [US] / one-month treatment session in Beijing, China, the only treatment centre in this world for these types of injuries, with the current medical estimate requiring between 18 and 21 one-month treatment sessions), when do you expect that a Canadian government will both recognize it’s legislated obligation to this veteran?

8. Which countries, if any, of this world are willing to countinue trading with Canada which has demonstrated itself in the above facts and paragraphs to be: a) deceitful; b) disreputable; and c) unlawful in disregarding it’s legislated obligations to both this veteran and and his family, along with thousands of other veterans, their spouses and dependants?

9. The critical and unanswered question, after 17+ years of seeking a settlement with the VRAB remains: “If this is the manner in which successive Canadian governments (including the present one) have treated men and women who have placed their lives on the line for these same Canadian governments, to what extent are these same travesties in justice being forced on all Canadian citizens with or without their knowledge of these same unlawful transgressions?”

10. Where does one go to find justice in this country, or has it, along with the inherent qualities of honesty and integrity and allegedly responsible governments, become as prevalent as hens' teeth?

11. Given that the greater burden of evidence, jurisprudence and legislated laws have all been in support of this applicant’s claims, is the only effective and just correction of this problem, along with the awarding of all benefits to this applicant, the immediate dismissal of all board members, their supervisors and directors, along with the Ministers over the past 18 years both without benefits and the immediate obligation to pay back all salaries and benefits received during that same period?

Yours truly,

Brian C. Bradley, 9520 Bonaventure Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0E5
Phone: (403) 455 - 9353 email:
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My number is 912 805 4696 please call
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Hi my Name is chiquitA coats and I have three kids and this year I need help with christmas for them please help
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This is sadgrandma and sandy24 recommended I try and get in touch ith Schmidty, so hopefully he can contact me . Thanks
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Hi my name is Chiquita cotas and I have three nice kids two girl and one boy. The girls 16 and 14 and son 15. I wanted to know could you help me for christmas please or do you know any company's churches or anyone that can help me with christmas please you can call me at 912 805 4696
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A lot of the links don't work
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 in response to boozer...   Just click on "My account" then change "My nickname".

Aidpage Team
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How do i change my nick name?
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