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After reading your "don't put phone number or address's in the main page I just had to tell you that Starshine has been here for over 2 years and we at aidpage are her only friends and family ,,without us she would not be able to function at all. I felt it was neccessary to publish the phone number and address as she has a multitude of friends here, in face everyone here know Starshine and you should be happy i did put her info on the public board as she is probably the most loyal member on your books. She is here day after day and Starshine is always here just waiting for someone to need her, aidpage needed her like crazy when she was making money for you almost 24/7 so I just assumed that you cared enough for a member like Starshine to want her info publish all over aidpage. She has so many friends and giving out address's and phone numbers are the only way most of us can get ahold of her. There is no way I am going to one to one every mamber that cares for her , it would take all day to do that. Anyway, I will publish Starshine's numbers for all to read the moment there is any news. She deserves to be able to count on some one especially when things go wrong and even after you pulled the rug out from under her on her finances she still only has us and I will be here for her. mamashe/sheshe

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Hi everyone. I haven't written in a long time, been busy trying hard to find work so I don't go homeless. If you know of a way I can get a car, as walking and bussing is starting to hurt my body. I have many things wrong with my body and I'm looking so hard for work. But I can't go to all the places I want to go to cause the bus won't get to but a 2 or 3 a day. If I had a car, I could get to every one that I want to plus not hurt so bad in doing it. Also if anyone out there knows of a job, dishwasher, hostess, typing, data entry, I don't care, please email me ASAP or let me use you as a referral. I'm desperate guys right now. Please help. I only have a safelink phone right now, with 2 minutes on it left. So now I have no phone either. Thanks and God Bless
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will not take my password
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Our dog is 6 years old and this is the only home she has ever known. I have had nightmares about being homeless and not being able to feed or care for her. I would rather die.

God bless you for taking the time to read my plea. My husband and I are in our 60's and worked all of our lives, but I lost my full time job 3 years ago when the company closed it's doors and cannot find full time work. My husband can only find part-time work. He is a Vietnam Veteran currently being screened for Agent Orange illnesses and cannot work full time anymore. I't hard for me to work full time because I am a new diabetic and have epilepsy.

We have exhausted our savings trying to hang on and keep our home, but need help to pay off our mortgage and debts. Can you spare $10 or $20 to help us? If enough people can do that, we may actually be able to survive this ordeal.

We would be so grateful for your help and will happily pay it forward when I have the chance. I have been in touch with every agency and person I can think of and tried every other option without luck.

We never thought we would be in a position like this, but no one does. If you can help us, we would be so grateful. I ask God everyday to help me find a way to solve this frightening problem.

Thank you for your time and may God Bless You for your kindness and love and return the same to you.
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 in response to AidpageTeam...   Thank you..
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 in response to Schmidty...

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How and where can I get a copy of the terms that I agreed to to become a contributor? I am interested in looking it over and having a hard copy of it. Thank You

4/12/2011 @9:54am

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 in response to Anomaly...   We prefer not to discuss how we deal with "blocking", "banning", "preventing", etc.
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Hi Aidpage Team, If you guys remove Susie's Son from Aidpage, can she create a new account under a different name? Or will you guys block her IP address so she can never come here again? I'm paranoid that she has already done this. Thank You, Anomaly
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Hello team, I'am in need of a free website and hosting just to get started. thank you
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how do I reset my password. It never works.
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am Permanently disabled on SSDI due to degenerative arthritis in both thumb/wrists. I have had 11 surgeries and many joints fused and bones removed. I wish to relocate to AZ from Minnesota because the cold climate causes chronic pain that I can no longer tolerate. I have lived in Tucson, AZ before and feel the dry climate would help very much. I would like to work again if I am able without pain. Please help me I dont know where to find the right grant to apply for relocation and even cannot write my own grant to apply. I need direction.
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I just wanted to share resources for Children mainly special needs + other topics - videos on Youtube and books on site. I hope you can benefit from this resource. March 10, 2011 Hello, My name is Suzanne Berton, a writer and illustrator of children's stories. Also I am a mother, wife, grandmother who is caregiving for her young adult daughter with special needs. I believe I have something to offer the public as far as children's stories are concerned. MY MAIN GOAL is to bring AWARENESS/INCLUSION through videos and books for kids. Many are written and illustrated on SPECIAL NEEDS. Of course you will find more.... Two sections for you to know. Section 1. My children's picture story videos on YouTube - yours to view Section 2. My children's picture books for sale ( YOUTUBE VIDEOS FOR CHILDREN TITLES: Like You. Like Me. special needs I Am Able. Quite Capable. special needs Not My Mama! special needs sampler I Like People diversity Kids' Picture Books Jacket/Covers on Special Needs My School Day special needs Bare Feet. Bare Toes. fun Bongo. Bongo. fun Silly Me. fun Happy Colors fun Knock Knock fun My Nose fun Icky. Icky. Yum. Yum. fun Bananas. fun Jesus, Where Are You? My Bible Says Picture books covers information CHILDREN'S BOOKS FOR SALE there are many more titles to the book categories below see them at click the book to get details (ISBNs...) DISABILITY BOOKS FOR SMALL CHILDREN Megan Rides The Accessible Bus ISBN: 978-0-557-03603-5 child disability & Safety Misty's Special Place ISBN: 978-0-557-03266-2 autism I AM ME ISBN: 978-0-557-02439-1 disability A Special Family ISBN: 978-0-557-02863-4 disability MORE... If I Could, AD (Hyperactivity) Friends Help Each Other (allergies/diabetes), Hold My Hand (blindness), etc... COMMON TOPICS FOR CHILDREN Sneaky Snowball (cat story) My Mother is My Grandmother ISBN: 978-0-557-02732-3 Hide And Seek ISBN: 978-1-4357-1764-0 It Feels Good To Be Me ISBN: 978-0-557-03121-4 self-love I want to Play ISBN: 978-1-4357-4746-3 Thumbs are Yum! ISBN: 978-1-4357-5801-8 MORE... SAFETY ISSUES FOR SMALL CHILDREN Who Are My Friends ISBN: 978-0-557-02138-3 Internet safety, strangers,friends Mama Drives a School Bus ISBN: 978-1-4357-0917-1 bus safety Maman conduit un autobus scolaire ISBN: 978-1-4357-3044-1 FRENCH MORE... Ouch! Ouch! Don't Touch! (dog friendly), etc... WINTER TOPICS FOR SMALL CHILDREN The Grandest Snowman Ever ISBN: 978-0-557-03933-3 Adam's Hockey Dream ISBN: 978-0-557-04299-9 MORE... Skating is Fun, .... FAITH Jeanie's Gift to God, I Believe in Jesus, I Am Glad God Made Me...... ( for details) SU-SU SERIES - READING WITHOUT WORDS - SMALL CHILDREN ) Su-Su's Smile..... Su-Su's Hair ISBN: 978-1-4357-5128-6 self-image & development Su-Su Plays it Safe ISBN: 978-0-557-01119-3 road and stranger safety Su-Su's Freckles ISBN: 978-0-557-00063-0 self-image & development MORE... Su-Su's Hair, Su-Su's Smile... Any questions please ask me.... Lulu gives all the ISBN's and prices. Some are available in CD Format. Please be assued that I've looked you up - you are not on a list! Thank you for your valuable time. Suzanne Suzanne Berton - Kingston, ON It's easy to look me up - just type my name and search.
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I need help with my password. I forgot it and request a temporary pass word but when I get the email there is nothing in the body of the emai.
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 in response to needhelp77...   Hi needhelp77,

Look up "Affordable Dentures." They do work for very cheap.

Good Luck,
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Please please please help i have lived in WI for 10 yrs now and cannot find a dentist that will help me or work on my teeth, my two front teethe are broken in half and the tooth next to one of those is just a nub from breaking down so far and i have about 8 other broken teeth. i am a single mom of 3 trust me medical from state wont pay for any of the work i am 33 yrs old and i would even do dentures but cant pay for it. i will admitte i use to do drugs and i think that why they r that way but i have been sober for over 20 years i am a fulltime student in criminal justice. My kids want me to take pictures with them or for them to have and i cant because i wont smile and everyone thinks im mad all the time because i wont smile the only work i can find right now is on call bartender and even the customers think im unhappy because i wont smile they always tell me to but i try without showing all my broken teeth that turned black and i had one customer that called me a meth head because of my teeth i told him i wasnt but every 2 minutes he was screamng it i wanted to run out of there crying but i couldnt i only get maybe a few days a month there so i needed the work. as well with that i womt be greedy but if i cant get help with that i just got a divorce and my ex left me with a $1,000 electric bill with excel and april is coming soon and they will shut off my electric can someone or people help me i am trying to get my life together and do good and i want to take a picture smiling with my kids i dont want to be one of those people asking for you to pay all my bills or credit cards its not like that i really want to smile again i will send pictures of what they look like as long as they r not posted for all to see im to emberrased even my 9 yr old son always remarks on how ugly my teeth are you would never imagine how much that hurts please someone help me i beg u please find it in your hearts to even think about helping me. Thank you and god bless you all. e-mail add is
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 in response to ProudMommyDebbie...   You can add or modify your keywords/tags by editing your "More about me" page.


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When you first sign up, you are able to click links and choose field such as mothers, ect, it wouldn't let me do that, how can I do that now?
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 in response to PittsburghMomma...   OK... with these additional details - we'll ask our programmers to take a look at this problem... about the background pics specifically.

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 in response to AidpageTeam...   Also when I click Cancel Upload it says Error on page.I have to click refresh in order to exit the picture upload process.
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