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 in response to AidpageTeam...   Happy New Year Aidpage Team, and Thank You Hope You have the Best Year ever
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 in response to AidpageTeam...   

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Aidpage Team and continued success with this wonderful site!!!!

Best wishes to you too.

Thank you,


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 in response to Schmidty...   

Schmidty... Thank you!

Happy New Year to you and to all aidmates!

We look forward to continue seeing each other... here... on Aidpage... through 2011 and beyond.

Best Wishes to Everyone!


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Here is wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thank you for your guidance through the year.Thank you for coming up with Aidpage, Grantgate, and The Federal Money Retiever.May God Bless
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merry christmas to you and a happy new year.
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I am in desperate need of having my teeth pulled and some false ones made.When i was 12 my father got dental insurance and the guy defrauded the insurance billing for unnessasary dental work.He drilled out 15 teeth including my front and put in temporary fillings the dentist died before my father's court day.I am so embarresed and ashamed to be seen even by my family,people automatically assume i did drugs or just don't care but after lost my front teeth I have completely given up,I have a grant for school but I am so embarresed I postponed it.PLEASE if anyone could help it would change my life.Thank you.
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Please I need any help I can get for my kids. I have 3 kids, 11, 8 and 4 , two whom ahve Austism and I am a student, We have no heat and i am about to loose our home, I cant even think about chrustmas! PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE SUCH A BLESSING. USED TOYS WOULD ALSO BE WONDERFUL! ANYTHING .. please leave me a msg or contact me if you know of any help or can aide in some way!@ Thank you and god bless !!
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 in response to aidrenegade...   omg...give um a break.....jeeeze..
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 in response to Reallyneedsomehelp...   omg lady r u serious.!!..that is a scam...n if u fall for it then shame on u.....Really com'on...use common sense...nothing is free..n when it won't cost u anything....Free means no cost....
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mom of 3 abuse case
i dont know how to reply back to lunna 77. she offerd to help me and i guess im not bright enough to figure it out lol
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 in response to Reallyneedsomehelp...   

Hello and char6 is right. I have had them pulled on me but didn't fall for it.

Here are some legit places to get help with assistance. You may be able to get emergency finanical assistance from St. Vincent de Pauls and a few other places you can check out here:

I hope this helps you and you find legitmate help.

Wishing you the best


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 in response to Reallyneedsomehelp...   hi,
im sorry that you have a child in foster care this time of year its especially hard not having your child in your home. I think that everyone here will agree with me though, that anyone claiming to send you a prize in exchange for money is lying. This is a scam used to get your money, there is no prize. If you take a look at my blog, it has some very useful information for mothers that are single and taking care of children.The referrals are legitimate and may offer some help to you.
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Hi..Im a mother with 3 kids and Im on income assistant..Im have problem with my hearing..About my kids..2 teenagers are living with me and I have 7 year old living in foster care..Few days ago someone send me an email claiming that i won some prize and holding my prize to pay some money to western union..I really want to get my prize but no money ..i try to get loan but nothing ..I really need to get it..Maybe "IT" will save my life..I really need "IT" for my kids and their future too...Please help me!!
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How can I delete old blog posts that are no longer relevant? It is ironic that a site called aidpage doesn't have an obvious FAQ / Help page!
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 in response to AidpageTeam...   Hi it's me MonicaI just had a bad year I really dont know how to use this in my e-mail it tells me that I got messeaages from peoplee to help me but I dont know how to get them.I'm not writing again I just need help really bad is my e-mail...Thank u and GOD Bless
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my name is nama i have 3n children i get laid of my job i strugle the bills all the time please help me. my email is

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I wanted to know if you know who might offer a scholarship for siblings of children with autism or Asperger’s? I am soon going to be starting an Associates Applied Sciences degree in Long Term Care Administration, and hope to one day be a director at a Long Term Care center for people with disabilities.
Growing up with a younger brother with disabilities really left my family with nothing to help me go to college with and I hope that I can find help somewhere. I thought I may have been able to save money to go to college by moving to Columbus, Nebraska, about 2 hours from my home in Lincoln, NE, I moved out here to work at a Long Term Care center for people with disabilities and also worked as a Special Education Para for about a year. I speak at a conference for parents with children with disabilities every year about what it was like growing up with a sibling. I am also trained in SibShops, which means I can create community-based peer support programs for young siblings by hosting workshops. I also hope with the education that I gain, I may be help my mom with her Non-Profit Organization for my brother’s disability to raise awareness. He was born with DiGeorge Syndrome or 22q. It is a deletion of the 22nd Chromosome causing heart defects, cleft palate, learning disabilities, autism, and many other things. My mother and I plan to write a book once I have finished my education, focusing mainly on the siblings of children with DiGeorge or 22q.
I only ask that someone read this and please take my story into consideration. I would really appreciate at least just a reply. I love my brother, and I’ve made it my life’s passion to help him and others.

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Hello world
My name is NANA and I am the grandmother of two lovely grandkids, of whoms dad and step dad is in the military. He and my daughter were divorced Feb of this year. This came right after he returned from his second term in Irac. When he came back this time, he came back an angry and changed man. After the divorced he was tranfered and now as far as I know is stationed in germany. Ever since the divorce he has helped non with either child. He has been around my grandson who is now 15 all his life and his daughter (my grandaughter) is 11. He never sent her a birthdaycard, called her or anything, and that includes my grandson with whom I have had custody of all his life. He use to be a good dad but the war changed him.
I have drawn a disablility and raised my grandson on $694 a month believe me it is hard. I know that he is going to do nothing this year for them for Christmas and with my daughter trying to find a job for months (she has adult ADD, and is very depressed over the divorce, which she is seeking help for) they are not going to have a Christmas at all this year and that is hard for me. I have been sick myself alot this year and my money is tighter than normal. My granddaughter struggles in school and I help her and get help from the school but she is a loving, good hearted child. My grandson is now 15 an honor student, wants to go to college, never gets into to trouble, fanatic on his looks, and one of the top cadets in his ROTC class. I need the help of generous people and for the first time I AM ASKING for help for my grandkids. My granddaughter is only wanting a DSI game, a navy blue sweater for school in a size 16 (she is a short little chubby girl, but a doll.), the new faze, mix matched socks and just a few more girly things. My grandson is wanting the new X-BOX 360 Kinect, he is a outside kind of young man and he knows I raise him on a very limited income, we live with my mom who has partial seizures to take care of her and he never complains about helping her or me. This is all he has asked for, so that he can play games with his friends sometimes when they come over. Both my grandkids deserve to have what they want as does all the kids in the world. They are not selfish, both of them has asked me to pick them up two toys one for a boy and one for a girl, so that they can give to the TOYS FOR TOTS. Please help me in giving the a nice Christmas. I have never asked for help but I now need it, that is hard for a parent or grandparent to say but I am asking for it, your help!
Thanks to all of you that took the time to read this and even if you cant help, you still took the time to read this, I appreciate that most of all. My grandkids know the TRUE meaning of Christmas we have taught them this, but it does not keep them from wanting a present. I hope I hear from you but even if I dont and if you cant help beleive me I understand. I want to make a wish of my own, I wish that all your dreams come true, and your troubles stay small and please all of you have a very nice and loving Christmas, and all my blessings go to you to have a very sucessful and full year. Thank you once again and Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! thank you

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many homeless

hi,how r u? i m Akhtar George, i live in Karachi Pakistan.i need your help please,i live in police head quarter, we have a one quarter there we r living. that is a police area.we r just living there.because my father a police man,i m married and i have two babies.i received one letter by police officer.they said leave this home because you are not able to live here. so we r now homeless.for God sake help me we r very upset.many our Christian's families now homeless here we r your Christian's brother's and sister's please help us.thanks my address is police head quarter garden road karachi # 3 christian compund. cell # +923228229734 account # 00347900063801

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Hello my name is Pete an i have problem trying find a job just got back to Florida, an as everyone no just hard to find, butt i out there trying I need help Help Can I get help With dentures I am on a fixed income and just got to FL I don't have Job yet in the Tampa bay area, I can get some help Please e-mail is

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