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How do I compose a private, one-to-one message to someone? I used to be able to do it and now I have spent over a half hour trying to figure it out! Frustrated. Thanks.
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patty cakes   in reply to AidpageTeam
I need help im 52 and I don't have a place to live I just been kick out of my apartment my landlord told my money after telling me he would work with me all my stuff is still in the apartment I don't drive u don't no how am going to get my stuff I should of non that my landlord was going to do that to me because a month be for that he try getting me to sing giving all my stuff to them I don't read well so I had a friend read it they told me not to sing cuz it I did I would of been homeless a month ago
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bunny47   in reply to luckyguess
You need to write your request here on the main page. If someone wants to help, they w will send you a personal message One-To-One
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how do i delete a post from 3 years ago? there is no delete button there
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Dear staff I do realize that if any one is to help they will have to read my problem and then want to help. Any ideas
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AidpageTeam   in reply to luckyguess
Nothing to worry about. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dear team. Man did I mess up. Both msgs.are in the wrong
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ditto 55
Dear aidpage team,I have been on here for about 2 years and never got one responce from anyone on here,Am I doing something wrong? I need help for Christmas with my 5 grandchildren.I am taking care of them and just lost the only sorce of income in the house.Is there anyway any of you could please help us? We live in Kissimmee,Florida.Thank you ever so much for your time.
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littlelacie   in reply to Dunlap family in need
everyone that comes to aidpage can see it.if they read through the postings.We have no way to control how many people can see your post,it just depends on how many come to this site.
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Dunlap family in need
When I post can evry body see it. How do I get the best out of my post like how can I git more to see my post
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littlelacie   in reply to 5dollarsofbill
try downloading it on a different computer.If it won't download there either,go back to and see if you can get assistance there.
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Unable to download and install grant gate
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hi my names Erika and I have a fiance who is sick he has lupus know when men get it it's supposed to be fatal he's a little younger than me even together for about 5 years and its too much its alright not bad he got diagnosed 3 years ago almost four and he he has now he has kidney failure liver failure and heart failure so he needs a donor in every single way he is he's going through it just like we are going through it because we are with him through all this he he's been through a lot you've been amazing and we've been amazing to him and I think we're all he has like he's all we have and I'm god I wish I can get him a home and build this this thing that we have is a family in everyone struggles much but he's I remember we were 45 days in the hospital and I buy Keds kids they love him to death and them they set Hospice Hospital in the place where they come to your home and they take care of your loved ones till they die and then told me he was going I was going to make it and told me he was going to he was going to have about 6 months and that's it it was going to be gone well that wasn't going to happen because my kids and I wanted to let that happen we knew he had life in the end he was feeling depressed he was not feeling good about himself at all his party was changing his looks were changing he was changing and he was going to dialysis 3 times a week he felt like he was old and withering away or we showed him me Mike Ant will change the way we ate like the way we can eat we changed the way we the way we drink there anything you want whatever was in the home we changed everything and we started growing herbs and feeding him better and then also eating better and he's going to live with us for 3 years 3 years is City win last 6 months I said a hospice home years ago and they could not believe the amazing turn around he's done but is getting sick again and I'm just worried I'm sorry. I don't know what I can do I did this change around what can I do now how am I going to make it better I've done everything I don't know what to do anymore
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I think this is amazing thing you're doing a page I think it's really amazing it's giving back it's giving back something is helping people give you back hope that they're still out there people that still care about people you don't see that very much every day and it's amazing that there you make it happen you're letting people know that there's people out there that do care and it's truly amazing cuz I will I just came across this out of nowhere I need help with my BG me and some bills that I have put I have it's amazing so amazing that I thought I seen people that care and whether it's the song on there so little word or its good job or just anything just somebody that doesn't know you the give us more than one you know you thought I mean people really do care and have feelings out there I never thought that people would give a shit about anybody anymore its crazy nowadays using people over the road too busy to go anywhere or do anything for anybody but themselves then they are always on the go go go and not going anywhere because you don't stop and you don't look at that person that sitting on the bench that has no food or that young girl thats prostituting herself on the street it's amazing you guys are giving a crap about somebody you don't know its its its just amazing and I bless you god bless all and how amazing you guys are to give something back whether it's a word money and show a smile of saying something something that you care that is giving back and that is amazing you can do that today in this app and help people and show me the right way in the past or thing is just share with them your pass or listen to them it's amazing what you can do for just a little bit of things I think you you made me smile today in a big way by
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How do I get help
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mofor chris
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Wonderwoman69
I am from TN but i have live in Michigan sent i was 13
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Wonderwoman69   in reply to woman in a shoe
Where are you from?Sounds like you maybe have a bit of an accent!!!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Wonderwoman69
Mary Kay did not buy my kit back from me they had me to pay them 200.00 for getting out as soon as i did i only stay with them four months everytime i turn around i had to buy something that's why i got out to much money. Avon is the same way. The only ones i didn't have to put out much money was when they had toy party s back in the day they all close down in the 90s i think i have try selling every on the market and didn't get anywhere with any of them. Good Luck what every u do.
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