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I,m looking for a grant for general purposes .are there any resources on that
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Crazy for cats
We are absolutely crazy for cats too... :)
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Crazy for cats
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I need a post removed - it is not only out of date but also not at all accurate any longer:

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s lady
hi im new on here so im doing my best to know what to to try to figure out how this works im in desperate need of financial help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to BoiseFamilyInNeed
Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get help i don't know what u need help with but for rent lights gas water type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will see a list of places that can help u if they got the funds. Hope this can help u. God can help u more than anybody else if u ask him for help.
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A few bills I am a student have to have internet owe like 90$ And isurance for car or leased car gets taken and it's 123$
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Only need like 200$ any ideas? Can't donate or I would
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We need help wit the bills please I beg of u I have two lil boys someone please help us..
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littlelacie   in reply to juetumu2015
hi ,we do not know any resources that will help pay construction costs,sorry.
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In need to complete my building which i started since 2006 but can just go ahead. I stand to lose the place if i dont complete it within this year.
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how do you find posts and info on here? Thanks
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Okay, now all links that do work are just going to ads..
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I found an entire page where no links worked or wen anywhere. Two of the grants were about artists, which I am. I am also in desperate financial need. and a female veteran... I hope I get a response from the first comment, but when I can't open any links, and your contact info is greyed out on your page, I am tending to lose hope I can get help here...
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Nobody cares
I'm 70 years old and living in Nebraska. I have been searching and searching for another grant to help my get the rest of the dental care i need. I'm on a fixed income and there is nothing left for extras like dental care. When rent is paid and bills paid and i but a little bit of food, i might have $20.00 left until the 1st of the next month. My current grant is ehausted. We were about at the finish when a chunk of a tooth broke. The denist fixed it but the tooth and one next to it will need crowns. They support my new partial. I can't afford the fees to search grant sites and the government sites were no help. I'm looking for $2000-$4000 dollars to finish what the dentist and i started. I don't even use my heat in winter so i can be sure i can pay my bill. What i write here is truth. I just need help this one more time to finish my dental work. I pray some one will have pity and offer the help i need.
Thank You
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How do I get help
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vegaseboni   in reply to HelpsuzySmog
Sometimes you have to be the bigger person so that the family will regain your trust. You may want to think about everything that is good in your life. I know that is what i have been doing. Meditation prayer and self love is what you need to worry about. Until you are fully comfortable with self and believe in your self the rest will fall into place.Family is more than blood connections it is all about love support and trust. I believe that once you fully believe in yourself and prove to yourself that you can do stay on track you will start feel good and when the good vibes go into the universe good things will come to you in abundance. I have been practicing this my self for the last few mnths and one day at a time things are still hard but my mind knows that things will change and get better. I try to remember to be thankful for the things that are good and work on changing the things that I can change. My Grandmother always said why worry about the things you can not control and make the best of what you have control over. It took me many years to under stand. She was right it is what it is and make your life the best you can because you only live once. Stop asking Why? release your feelings to the universe and time will heal the hurt. I write my feelings down and read it out loud by myself and then burn the paper, to me this helps me release to the universe,god, your choice. My pastor said it this sunday when prayer go up blessings come down. CRY,SCREAM, LET IT OUT AND YOU WILL FEEL THE RELEASE. GOOD LUCK GOD BLESS

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Merv
Hi i didn't see a post come end from u. I.know sometimes when i hit post it want come through than i have to do it over. After u hit post u got to see if anyone answer u. But i not aidpage but i have been on here over a year helping people
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I hit post now what I said is gone.
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I don't know where to go with this,is there people looking at this?
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