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woman in a shoe   in reply to MBRINKLEY0508
All we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help. A lot of people have got help by what info we have give them
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Is this for allying for help?
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can you please remove a post from years back for me..i only know my user name Orangejellytot and i dont have the same email anymore. thnk you
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littlelacie   in reply to officer55
We can only tell you of places that might be able to help, we have no cash on this site. You really do not say what you need help with. So post again and be more specific about what help you need and we will try to tell you of any possible resources that might help. Thanks.
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I need help. So please just. Help i will make sure it is repaid ten folds
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I am a mom of 5 and iam pregnant and I really need help with rent and bills can anyone help
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Hello, I am 56, no family no friends anymore. I have been looking for work for over4 years. I look at the public library every day (Walk-Sat/Sun) buses don't run on weekends. I have fallen behind my portion of Sect-8. Landlords were being nice now I'm be charged a $50.00 a month. Now $210.00 behind, warned by my PHA I'm very close to becoming homeless. I need 400.00 this will pay the back rent and give me another 2 months to find some sort of work..

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iam very poor.please help me. i dont knew english properly. iam an poor artist wall painter.but now no money to eat food.
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hello there im coming from philippines, i wrote here because i want to help my dad finish our house. i hope there is someone out there who can help us. God bless to those who are willing to give a helping hand and extend their blessings to other people.
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SisterServant   in reply to savant1851
Please check some of the resources that were listed by The Christmas Cat. There may be a link that could give you information.
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Can you help me find any kind of aid for dentures in idaho falls idaho.
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I am a single parent seeking for help I have two little kids and my uncle i got layed off work and now I'm full time taking care of my uncle who had heart surgery and it us behind on rent I'm asking for help plz and I pray god allow someone
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larryco   in reply to Marianne59
It wonderful just going through a hard patch right now and just pleading for help but this site don't seem to work
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Marianne59   in reply to larryco
Hello-hope your evening is cool ans safe!
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Marianne59   in reply to larryco
hello to you and hope youre staying cool this beautiful evening
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larryco   in reply to Marianne59
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Hey Guys"Im New Here" Weird was searching for something and up came your site! Guess it was meant to happen! Do you know of anyone posting recently really really needing a better living style (safe)?
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I cry constantly. So much. I am disabled and no doctor has yet to find out what is wrong. I spend my days in bed because I cannot handle being alone. I have two grown children. I have been on so many medications that I do NOT want to be on. I am very, very sensitive to all these "antidepressants" they have put me on. They're made me a monster. My son and daughter won't bother with me. I took care of into their thirties. I am now 59. Neither will my sisters. One of who took over my mother's house and none of us (me, my husband, my kids..) have even ONE piece of a "memory" token. It is not "money". It is that both my sisters just hate me. They tried to put me away. I have done nothing. But, I cannot forget being dragged away in front of all my neighbors. I had gravel imbedded in my legs for weeks. The hospital did noting, which "why would they"? I am NOT crazy o have any mental illness. I have been for over half my life.

I used to garden though My Fibromyalgia and do things which my husband who does not do anything besides mow the lawn. Everything else was "me". Now I can no longer do anything and I am trying to move to FL and also stay in RI. Both small places. I've been with my husband since I was 16 yrs. old. I can't leave... but trying to find solutions is so hard.

I am hoping I will be able to see my grandchildren. My kids are truly mean and ungrateful. It makes you wonder "Why"? They were never abused in ANY way and given every opportunity. Both played baseball. My husband coach for 12 yrs. My son was very good, but like politics, it is "who" you know. My daughter also played "real boy' baseball and she was truly "something". She also played basketball, tap, ballet, and so many other things.

My home was a "haven" for many children who were abused. I did whatever needed to be done, but never turned one child away.

So, what went wrong? Doctors. Pumping me with pills. An alcoholic husband. Who last week drank way too much. He actually called the police and once again, dragged me away. I had "immediate" bruises. Fibromyalgia is horrid. They actually cuffed me and I didn't do ONE thing I swear. They put me in cuffs. I did nothing wrong. I had taken my meds. My legs no longer work very well. So, they never said one word to me. Not one. Two 200ld officers and a female "bulldog" all came at me together and all I kept asking was, "What is going on? Please, please, you're hurting me" Left at the Jack Nicholson Ward. Piss, feces everywhere and yelled at for speaking quietly to one of the guards. No, I ma not nuts. I just have no one. Not one blessed person. I pray.

I want to sell this humongous house and be a "snowbird". Prices went up drastically in FL. I just want a small maintained mobile home in each state.. hoping to see my grandchildren. It is not easy. I want a place were you can own your land under your mobile home. I found it "can" be done.

I have looked and looked. If anyone should hear of a really cheap mobile home... please let me know. I am also considering buying a "decent" travel size camper... figuring I could use that to visit if I am allowed.

Please do not "judge" me. I honest-to-God did nothing. I apolized so many times for the FB things I said. Even though I truly do NOT remember... I still "did it" and apologies were in order. I am not crazy. I brought my son's first child up. He had him and I let him and his girlfriend and her other 3 children live upstairs rent-free. Then when I had no job and my husband divorced me they did not help.

I can't take this. My husband and I remarried. But no one else will bother with me. Please try not to say mean things. I miss my "babies". I pray for a doctor My hips hurt so badly down my spine. I am trying. I truly do need my family. I took care of both my parents up to their last breath. I guess a lot of that plays into it. I couldn't "leave" my parents to struggle at the end. I did everything I could. I guess I just need some "support. I am tired. My kids never call us. They took me out (which I had asked for) for my birthday. I was SO, SO happy, thinking things were getting better. I truly did. I turned around and they were gone. They had made a "bee-line" to the exit. I caught up with my son. I asked him if it would be okay for his dad and me to visit on Saturday nights like we used to. His response, "No. We don't want to see you anymore." I tried calling and his wife piced up and yelled, "Don't EVER call this house again!"

I am sorry, but I can't handle any more. I can't handle "anything" anymore. I still give gifts and cards and Easter baskets, etc...

I never knew ANYONE could e this mean. A "trillion" "A million sorry's won't work and I do not want to die like this. I am lost. Please, anyone... please just do not "yell" or make mean comments. I thank you for reading this while written through tears.
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I need a new roof but can't afford it, how can I get assistance?
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treedom   in reply to jusjeffnmd
I need help
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