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Glory Be   in reply to GRANDPA JOBE
Search terms or words related to your post that help others find your post. Also used by search engines.
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WHAt does key word mean?
17AndTryingToSaveMyMom   in reply to sodelle
Catholic Church Charities help with security deposits and S.E.R.V.E helps with utilities but only once a year.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sodelle
Hi I am not aid page team but I have been helping people on here sent last Oct yes there help for first mo rent and deposits. The best one to do is type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state but county state u sure see a list of places to call. Or u can call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call. Good luck
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is there any way that i can get rental assistance,for move in costs,security deposits,or first months rent. in seattle,wa
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Hello nice to get to know the Aidpage Team
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testimony joseph   in reply to AidpageTeam
Life is a rough road a times of this I know I bean living for in this for sometime. But i believe that with God all things are possible
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Help me helpme 911 need your help now
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Hi my mother got kill and I need to get down there where she live I need a car so bad ormoney to get down there
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how do I set up a receive account?or is that done when I signed up?
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Just want to know how to remove a specific website in your site.

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What does this site do?
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Just want to know how to remove a specific website in your site.

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When the going get tuff we turn to those we love and can trust for help, we lean on them seriously. In short whenever you are in the position to help, it better to give people Help as Christ require us to do.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to sweetnesser
I am sorry but there no cash on this site only information where y mite get help
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How do I apply for cash assistance?
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AidpageTeam   in reply to bigblue62
You already did... :)

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I don't know how to contact you
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woman in a shoe   in reply to dwilson917
U welcome
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dwilson917   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok thank you
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