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AidpageTeam   in reply to melredding
What is the Aidpage nickname of that person?

Or, just give us a link to his profile here on Aidpage.

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There is a man asking for account usernames and passwords please warn people on here not to give out that information.
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I am efs3, I am not sure I filled the form out correctly. I don't know whereto put my email address & what I should've put @ blog section. Please help & God Bless!
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Help with my family needs of diapers for my son and help with gas to get him to number of Dr appt....
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old world
I would like some information on people that help the old and retired that is in need of a financial blessing. I have asked for help outside of aidpage. but I am always turn down because of my age which is 72 years.
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How can I get help 22 and four months pregnant and almost homeless NY bby due n sept..I'm nt working or going to school I've been trying nothing and I'm sad because I have nothing to give my bby when it get here. I need somewhere stable to stay . please help me someone.
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AidpageTeam   in reply to Agisme
The post probably contains information taken from your public IRS records (might be from a few years back). Because this information is public, there is no need for your authorization to be published.

You can add the correct, up-to-date information as a comment on that page.

If you want a person's name and address to be removed, give us a link to that page.

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AidpageTeam   in reply to WishyWashy
Hi WishyWashy,

Unfortunately, we can't restore the deleted account. Once deleted, it's gone.

We wish you courage and good luck!

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If someone created an aidpage with our organizations information which is incorrect and not authorized by our church how do we go about removing it?
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Please: regarding the post I just sent you last night (I know it's too soon yet, and it's Easter Sunday as well): I'm really aching inside (emotionally) and it's so awful that I accidentally deleted my posts (my previous note to you explains it): is there any way to undo it? If not, I'll have to start over I guess, or move on, keep my chin up... Maybe I can find something constructive to do... It's hard with so much pain inside. My whole family is so darn crazy and difficult: I was trying to help us and instead they are just pulling me down and I keep being too weak to do what's best for me and instead fall into their "traps"... And it just happened again and now it REALLY seems too late.. Can't explain it all here, and of course I should be saying this to the community not to you (this is public though, no? Or am I on one-to-one? I'm not that tech-savvy or familiar with this sitel.) I guess the one thing that would help me most is to be working but that's impossible until I'm settled; my life is just totally getting away from me. I wrote about some of this stuff and some folks answered me and now it's all gone. Sorry this is so long.. Well, looking forward to your answer, whatever it turns out to be. Meanwhile I'll have to force myself to exercise and make some plans, etc.: probably that will help me, it's just that I have to unpack stuff again (so many times..). Guess I should stop feeling sorry for myself; there are sure a lot of people HERE with terrible problems. I just don't want my (unimportant) life to be ruined just because I keep making mistakes. I HAVE learned that it's helpful to view these as "learning experiences", but just how many of these can one have and not make any progress? Sorry again for length but thanks for letting me vent. Hope you're having a nice Easter holiday.
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Dear Aidpage-Team: I just accidentally deleted the wrong account and all my posts; I meant to delete THIS one, not the other. Is there anything I can do about it? I was originally "Wishy-washy" with a similar email, but I was suddenly not able to get into my email account so I opened another one and rejoined with a similar nickname and told a few people I'd had to move. Then I managed to get into my old email after all so I told them again and was trying to delete this, not the other, as the other had the actual conversations on it. Is it too late?
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to kj7faith
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Am I using Aidpage right? Does my Post go all over the US? What if I am having trouble locating help on this page? Local resource's have been hard to find? I have a disability from being shot in the head by ex so I am slowly recovering and your page can hopefully help me find wheels, or help in getting car repairs! Thank you, Susan
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woman in a shoe   in reply to kj7faith
No its not for dental. People come on ask for help and we try to tell u where u can get the help. But for dental there free dental in ever state type free dental city state or call the dental school Good Luck
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What is Aidpage all about.I thought it was a place to go and get help for dential
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to CandyCane101



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missjanie   in reply to Toolshed1952
Hi try going to put in your city and state it will give you a list of agencies that help with a variety of things such as rent utilities food prescriptions etc, God Bless
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Toolshed1952   in reply to AidpageTeam
How do I get help
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mike@713   in reply to CandyCane101
I am sorry wish I could help you an yours out
But I well pray for you an your family
God Loves you don't loss faith
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Hello. I am a single mother of one in need of a car to get back to work. Iam.receiving foodstamps and $100 a month cash benefits from the assistance .I once had owned my own car,had a full time job I was at for 10 years and had my own house . I lost everything by poor choices I have made by people ,places and things. I live in a small town with limited jobs and the transportation bus only travel to Dr. appnointments . I enrolled in the necessary programs to get a new job and assistnce with getting a vehicle. I completed the program and lost my car and new job 3 months later due to unrepairable car issues. I don't have friends or family members that have a vehicle. we are a low-income family. we walk every where we need to go it gets difficult. at times. walking with my 6year old son thinking of his safety and the possibilities of getting hit by a car . I can't financially provide for my son wihout a vehicle to get a job job further than walking distance. Please help me and my family.
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