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I see some of the posts have "a paticular time " under the nick name of the person making the post. Then I notice that there are at times ( not always) a date indicated under the nick name of the poster. Some of the "posts" appear to be quite old and I was wondering if the date under a persons "nick name " was the date the person joined aidpage... or if some how an old post is some how being forwarded into current - post-conversations. For example a while ago I answered a post ....
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Ms sunshine
I live in barrow co. ga. Lost insurance through a divorce. I do not qualify for state aid. I am having serious issues with my teeth. For almost 3 months I have had serious swelling infection of my gums which seem to be effecting 2 teeth. I need extractions, and a bridge, if there is no other option I will need implants. I have very limited income looking for low income help! Please advise!
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AidpageTeam   in reply to stressedoutman
Do you mean to talk to us... AidpageTeam...?
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I need to talk to anyone for some feedback
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hi I just created a account but it won't let me sing in
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MJHiggins   in reply to AidpageTeam
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AidpageTeam   in reply to MJHiggins
Give us a link to that page.
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Would like to cancel a nonprofit account that was set up by someone no longer with our organization. What do I need to do?
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How do I apply for lost of employment grants
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Hi, I am a married
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So I guess you could say things are looking up but stillin the same situation :/ I am moving forward and dealing with the stress of it all as best as possible and trying not to show my real feelings in hopes that my son wont notice that Im sad it feels like all the time now....and hidden frownie faces :( are the hardest to hide but I'm getting through. I just recently went online and saw some really detrimental things about myself and just found out why or at least why I think my job search is going so haywire...people can be so cruel, so now im dealing with the social aspect of life online as well as life in the real world. What's next??? I hate asking for help but at this point I am willing to do whatever it takes!! any suggestions?? anyone???
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Does this site provide any aid?
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I do I view responses to my post
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I was given this website by a friend. I am in need of help. 3years ago I caught pneumonia and was hospitalized for almost a year.. I left my daughter with my family and had to have surgery was placed with a pacemaker had to learn how to walk talk write basically do everything all over again. During this time my bills where stacking up.. I started with payday loans which kind of helped for a minute then I noticed I Digg my hole deeper. I have so many bills I have to choose between paying all my rent or making sure my daughter eats the whole month. I am unable to do anything for my daughter or myself I am swamped in debt please help
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i need help paying my 910.00 gas bill and my gas is off
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Who's on anyway, just one at a time?
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AidpageTeam   in reply to mommy624
Must have been a post from a spammer... which we have deleted.

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I received an email reply but I don't see anything or cant locate where to read it. thanks
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Hi how can i get help with rent? I am currently out of work and my fiance is on disability. We need temp/emergency rental assistance. Please help. My email is
thank you.
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did my public profile and situation how to post for others to read?
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